Since 1987, SEDEPA has become an essential partner for the French car manufacturers, including the special vehicle and small series manufacturers.

In 2013, in order to best support its clients, SEDEPA opens branches in HONG KONG and SHANGHAI, while maintaining its contracts with business partners in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, India, Germany and Russia.

With its continued development, SEDEPA became a Tier 1 automobile equipment provider, specialized in small volumes and special editions, completing perfectly the work of the main “OEM” providers, focused on bigger volumes with industrial sites around the world, following their clients’ plants.

As such, SEDEPA offers a great flexibility in developing the required products and parts, as well as regarding production location, for which it gathers a portfolio of about 50 industrial partners around the world.

Furthermore, SEDEPA, with its headquarters near Rambouillet (78) France, benefits from a R&D department only a few kilometers from the ones of its clients.

The team

Christian Janson
François Guerrero
Accounts / Quality
Laurent Guillermain
Nicolas Ortet
Accounts / Project manager
Martine Bigot
Executive assistant
David Serruya
Jimmy Langlois
Allan Mann
Asia project manager
Adrien Janson
Asian office manager